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questions about selling your land to us?

We know that selling land for cash to a company like ours is a big decision. The questions below are common things we get asked.  If you have any other questions, you can send us a message here, or give us a call at (817) 567-2378.

What’s your plan with the property?2023-05-18T07:43:41-06:00

Our company has multiple exit strategies available. Once we acquire the land from you, all responsibility will be transferred to us and you won’t be burdened with any property or payment-related issues.

Do you pay fair prices for properties?2023-05-18T07:43:23-06:00

Yes. We do our best to offer a fair price and make it win-win for all parties. However, we often purchase properties at prices below retail, with the intention of selling them to another landowner for a profit. Based on our experience, we have found that many property owners are not necessarily looking for a large windfall, but instead, they appreciate the benefits of receiving cash quickly and not having to wait for financing. Furthermore, they may also appreciate not having to spend time, effort, or money on their part or pay agent fees. If you’re looking for these advantages and want to sell your land quickly, we would like to discuss whether we can arrive at a mutually beneficial price. Additionally, our no-obligation pricing commitment ensures that you are not obligated to accept our offer. However, it is helpful to know what we are offering.

Are there ANY commissions or fees?2023-05-18T07:42:52-06:00

Our approach to buying your land is what sets us apart from the traditional selling method. Once we present you with an offer and you accept, We don’t charge any commissions or fees and we may even cover the closing costs.

How will I get paid?2023-05-18T07:42:30-06:00

The decision is yours to make. Notify the title company whether you prefer to receive payment via check or wire transfer to your bank account.

When do I get my money?2023-05-18T07:42:11-06:00

We work with local reputable title companies. They finalize transactions only after receiving all documents from both the seller and buyer. Once they have all the necessary paperwork, they release the funds, usually within the same day or the next business day after closing.

How fast can we close?2023-05-18T07:41:46-06:00

You have the flexibility to select a closing date that is within a range of 10 to 90 days.

What makes you different from others and how do I know you can close escrow fast and this is not a scam?2023-05-18T07:41:16-06:00

With so many brand-new real estate investors and fraudulent individuals, it is understandable why you may have doubts. We frequently receive calls from owners who have unfortunately had their first or second sales fall apart, leaving them frustrated and mistrustful of real estate investors. However, our company sets itself apart from others in the field by making honest and transparent offers with the intent of having them accepted. We offer a convenient online process that allows us to present a fair cash offer for your property in a timely manner. Within 24 hours, we can provide you with a competitive cash offer. With us, you can take comfort in knowing exactly what is happening at every stage of the transaction without any unexpected surprises or complications!

Are you ready to sell your land fast for cash?

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