Owing land is a great investment as it diversifies your portfolio and acts as a safety net if you run into unexpected expenses. Suppose you’re facing the latter. If that’s the case and you need to sell your land as fast as possible, read on to learn more.

We are all aware of the challenges one has to overcome when selling a house in a constantly evolving real estate market. But what is even trickier is selling a piece of land in the same fluctuating market.

Not knowing the right ways of approaching the sale is a recipe for disaster, not to mention the likelihood of losing your land to some fraudulent. This article is going to arm you with all the information regarding the fast sale of your land.


The sale of land is different on many grounds from that of a house, yet we must bear in mind the few similarities in the processes. For starters, whether it is a vacant land you wish to sell or a house, the concept is the same. Only a little tailoring is necessary, along with proper tools to stage the selling act.

  1. It is first important for starters to familiarize yourself with your target audience, meaning figuring out who your potential buyers are. This evaluation is crucial, among other factors. To determine your buyer profile, you must observe the land you are selling, what developments you have made or not made to it, where it is situated, and other things.

Then ponder upon certain questions. Are your buyers looking for a plot to build a house upon, or a developer with a bigger project in mind, or perhaps a combination of both? Buyers can vary majorly if you have a finished lot, a bit of suburban land, or a rural acreage in a booming home market.

Once you have an idea of the buyers, and then prepare content to advertise their interests. For home builders, convey information about nearby malls, schools, and amenities. For builders, discuss zoning facilities and insight from authorities. Discuss water capacity, the feasibility of location, etc.

2. Before you market your land to potential buyers, make sure you prepare it to attract. No one will find a dirty, overgrown, or wild garbage-filled land interesting enough to purchase. Polish the land as best as you can, even put some wildflowers to make the spot look attractive, and then advertise its best look.

3. Fair pricing is critical if you wish to sell your land to the right person and that too as fast as you want. You see, most buyers often overprice their lands and then end up scaring all the buyers away. Doing so would mar your reputation in the market, degrade your land, and cause long sales delays.

4. Offering to finance helps in attracting a larger pool of buyers. This is because vacant lands have a very difficult time in the lending market, even today. So financing or an owner’s carry would help you tremendously.

5. Online listings are among the full meaning of marketing your land to potential buyers. They are now a substantial part of real estate marketing plans and social media popularity, and widespread is mainly responsible for it. So market your property online and grab the attention of the right buyers faster than other marketing campaigns.


Let’s look at the pros and cons of selling your land fast.

  1. The most obvious advantage of a fast sale is that the seller will most likely receive a cash offer for the land. The transaction will generally be straightforward and transparent, and you will not have to wait with bated breath to see if the bank will finance the buyer.

You will also save yourself against the unpleasant effects of an unjust low appraisal. Moreover, you will not have to suffer from the unnecessary burden of commissions, realtor fees, etc., from your final sum. The quoted figure on the sale document is the entire sum you will pocket. What better advantage could there be!!

2. Organizing the entire selling act on your means involves fewer and more trustworthy people. You will overlook the entire transaction process and not have to wait for any extra days when others overlook the process for you. If you are marketing and dealing with customers directly, the process will go through faster.

3. Selling off a land-fast means freeing yourself much of the maintenance burden. Vacant land can be an attraction for all the wrong people, and the sooner you transfer the deed to another, the less worried you will be.


  1. Selling fast may tamper with the value proposition of your land. If you rush through things, chances are you will not estimate your land at the current market value. You may even end up underselling the land.
  2. The real estate market is ripe with shady buyers, and those owners who are in a rush to sell can fall prey to them. This is especially possible when you have time to be thorough and verify each buyer’s authenticity and background.
  3. If you rush through property evaluations, you may end up with a company that may give your land a false valuation. Beware of such tricksters.
  4. You may not take the time to survey the buyer’s market thoroughly. As a result, you’ll sell to the first few bidders while there may have been ones willing to pay higher for your land.


When you decide to sell your land, you need to consider several key factors, even when you want a fast process. It would be best if you took the time to verify whether your potential buyer is reputable, genuine, and whether you are selling the land for the right price and not undervaluing it.

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